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Future vision

In the future people will own a Digital Identity. This Digital Identity will follow their owners wherever they go, and will assist with interoperating with the ubiquitous digital ecosystem.

An important part of this task is providing a solution to the discovery problem. People need to find all kinds of things all the time. Advertisement is a part of this process.

In the future, advertising is no more a random spying and spamming machine, but rather a personal intelligent service, delivering what people want exactly when they need it, in a 100% privacy-respecting way. The Digital Identity manages the discovery process, including advertisement.

adferret is a part of the Digital Identity which manages ads for the owner. It deals with ad operators and finds helpful ads without compromising any of the owner's private data.

For the business, adferret provides precise real-time demand for ads with reach all across the ubiquitous digital ecosystem. At the same time, any data abuses, beaches, legal liabilities are rendered impossible by design.